Read Along With Me: Beneath the Lake 1.0 Part 03

Reading Beneath the Lake

This is a double feature!

1.0 is a reading as a fresh new reader.
2.0 will be a 2nd read through.

Be sure to check your number!

@ Chapter 04

Atlanta, Georgia—August 2011

What is this guys obession? or should I say Why?

There was far too much preparation ahead of him to be reckless now, and too much at stake.

Sidney, Georgia, the day after the party
(aka hanging with Dorthy)

So…… Bobby is our hero. Interesting.

So is she going to be staying in his time or is he going to be going to hers?

Piper sounds like a good friend to have!

Piper reminds me of my friend Malissa who I also met in 7th grade. Being an empath that wears their heart on their sleeve makes you a target and she never hesitated to be the muscle I couldn’t be.
–Thanks & I Love You Malissa!! XOXO—

(I’m such a sap, I cried just writing that)

What the hell is a keeping room?
Sounds like something out of a dungeon!

Looked it up.
A keeping room is a term that hearkens back to Colonial times when you only had 1 room in your house. Nowadays it would be more of a great room. A multiple function area near the kitchen where everyone can see everyone else.
Why she is talking like she is in Gone with Wind, I have no idea!

Ok, now we are going back and forth in time in Lacey’s head as she tries to remember what happened, so try not to get lost!

the date at the top of the Sidney Gazette read:
Sunday, November 6, 1949

@ Chapter 05

Lake Lanier, Georgia—September 2011

Nick Cramer has not been in the story yet, just incase you are wondering.

This week, he would confront his first real challenge, Nick Cramer.

Sidney, Georgia—November 6, 1949

34 years before she was born, so her parents are kids right now?

Daddy issues, figures!

“I don’t think love is something you look for. It just finds you.” He glanced over at me. “But you have to recognize it.”

It IS truly 1949, and the lake DOESN’T exist.

@ Chapter 06

Lake Lanier, Georgia—October 2011

What has he got himself into?

He’d put everything he owned at risk, including his life, and Lacey’s.

Sidney, Georgia—November 1949

I wonder how old Bobby’s sister is?
It sounds like she is close in age to Lacey.

“He says he wants the brass ring.”

Lacey is getting way too carried away with her pessimistic point of view!
Stop trying to turn Bobby into a bad guy!

Brass ring says to me that he is looking for a wife!
Sheesh Lady, its 1949!

What’s got Bobby worried? & What plant does he work for?

How much DOES Nick know?
Lots of timey-wimey questions to be answered!

Beneath the Lake

Lake Lanier Mysteries Series

Written by Casi McLean

Read by Aundrea Mitchell

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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These are my honest reactions and I can have a potty mouth sometimes!