Read Along With Me: The Billionaire’s Christmas Part 03

Read Along With Me
@ Chapter 03

I wish someone would pay for my contacts! Seriously, I just went up to the XR Torics which are even more expensive than the regular torics l am currently wearing. If my eyes get much worse I won’t be able to wear them. πŸ™

Grady is totally adorable. He wants to take care of Emily so bad, and she just won’t let him. Well she tries not to, but he often wins. There is a saying about gifts and horses and mouths isn’t there?

So far we have older brother Evan, younger brother Jared, and a sister. There are other brothers or brother but it hasn’t been made clear yet.

Grady braves his fears and goes to the party. Would you brave you biggest fear to make the potential love of your life happy?

The Billionaire’s Christmas

Written by J. S. Scott

Read by Elizabeth Powers

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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