Read Along With Me: The Billionaire’s Christmas Part 05

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@ The Epilogue

We finally get to meet the whole Sinclair brood!

There is Grady, Dante, Jared, Evan, and Hope for a total of 5 Sinclair siblings!

Given the events of the Prologue, I would of pegged Grady as the baby. Did anyone else think this or was I alone in those thoughts? It seemed as if he was the sole child left alone to deal with their horrible father and unresponsive mother because everyone else had left for anywhere but home cause they were older. I guess I read that all wrong.

According to what we find out in the epilogue, Grady is quite possibly the 2nd born! I don’t know where Hope fits in the equation of birth order because her position is quite vague. So if anyone else knows please post in comments.

So now that we are at the end of this Novella/Prequel of the Sinclair’s Series, how do you all feel, and are you as excited as I am to get into the next book?


F. Y. I.

Grady’s friends, Simon, Sam, and Jason all have their own books in another series written by J. S. Scott: The Billionaire’s Obsession Series. These books are in both e-book and audiobook format.

Simon: The Billionaire’s Obsession
Sam: Heart of the Billionaire
Jason: Billionaire Unmasked

F. Y. I. I.

Hope is NOT part of the Sinclair series!

I know it sounds CRAZY but there is a reason. Publishers like order to the series structure and their opinion on that may not always jive with us as readers opinions on the matter.

F. Y. I. I. I.

Grady’s friend Jason is Hope’s intended so if you want her story, you have to refer to his book Billionaire Unmasked if you want to complete ALL of the Sinclair stories.

The Billionaire’s Christmas

Written by J. S. Scott

Read by Elizabeth Powers

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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