Read A Long With Me: Witch for Hire Part 04

Read A Long With Me: Witch for Hire

@ Chapter 19

  • For someone she claims to hate, she really does seem to spend a lot of time worrying over the guy.
  • Funny kitties!
  • Thank you! Someone finally called her out on her behavoir! She so doesn’t deserve Elron!

@ Chapter 20

  • Would she be as mad if it was given to her by anyone else?
  • So what she broke a car! She saved those kids! That should count for something, right?

@ Chapter 21

  • So are they finally doing what they should of done the first time because they know the trail is probably gone now?
  • Something shady is going on here, it just doesn’t seem right!

@ Chapter 22

  • A lot of detailed information.
  • Much thought went into this scene!
  • So many species!

@ Chapter 23

  • Is she seeing memories of Elron’s?
  • Ok, this is becoming bigger and I wonder if there is a spell or curse on them, or I may just be paranoid.

@ Chapter 24

  • Poor Elron, he really was trying to do a nice thing.
  • I wonder if we will ever get the rest of that story? At least in this book anyway. Probably not.

Witch for Hire

Witch for Hire Series

Written by N.E. Conneely

Read by Jeff Hays

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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