Read A Long With Me: Witch for Hire Part 05

Read A Long With Me: Witch for Hire

@ Chapter 25

  • They got to be close to something actually working, only so many chapters left.
  • Well one way or another the shit is about to get real!

@ Chapter 26

  • I wouldn’t be so quick to dissmiss that cat!
  • I thought she said she had backup?

@ Chapter 27

  • Forest spirit P.O.V., how cool!
  • Short, but awesome!
  • Cool of Jones to move the plants!

@ Chapter 28

  • Why were you late? Should probably start there. She almost died because of it.
  • Hopefully she will be too tired to be mean to Elron.
  • I wonder if she will ever know what Elron did for her?

@ Chapter 29

  • HaHa! Sci-fi is what we watch normally.
  • I’m curious to know what she actually did to that plant.

@ Chapter 30

  • Oh Elron!
  • See, Andrew isn’t all that he seems. Unless it wasn’t him.

Witch for Hire

Witch for Hire Series

Written by N.E. Conneely

Read by Jeff Hays

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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